LEONORA GYPSY was born out of a passion for vintage designs and fabrics, along with the Woodstock era of the late 60s and early 70s.

Inspired by the eclectic style of Stevie Nicks, Emmylou Harris and Janis Joplin. LEONORA GYPSY brings you vintage-inspired pieces all with a bohemian feel.

Shopping on LEONORA GYPSY is all about discovering your eclectic and playful style without following fashions seasonal trends. 

We have sourced pieces from Asia, Europe and India. We also have handmade and handprinted items along with our mainline collections. 


So join us on the journey and express your individuality through our beautiful collection of bohemian pieces.

For wholesale inquiries please contact info@leonoragypsy.com


Who is behind LEONORA GYPSY?


Hi, I am Mary and I started LEONORA GYPSY with a huge passion for vintage and bohemian clothes. I had worked in fashion for over ten years and seen all aspects of the industry. My first role was a stylist for Topshop where I held personal shopping appointments. This role was a big impact on my life and taught me a lot about style and how important it is to dress for your body shape and to be individual.

I continued my career in fashion editorial working for a number of online fashion companies, newspapers and magazines.

During this whole time my passion was vintage, I have never been one to follow trends and always preferred the clothes I found at flea markets or on holidays.

I had the idea for LEONORA GYPSY for many years on the back burner and now with the opportunity to put it in to play I have created a collection of pieces I source and design from Europe and India and get handmade. 

I'd love to hear from you and any questions you have I will be happy to talk to you.